Challenges of Academic Writing

Academic writing is all about the scholarly endeavor and increasing one’s specialist skills. Academic writing is not always specific to the requirements of students. Development of model answers, educational content and surveys of scientific literature for professionals can be regarded as writing assignments related to academic writing as well.


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  1. Basics of academic writing

Academic writing is considered to be a major scholarly activity that involves the development of scientific/academic essays, research papers, term papers, dissertations, thesis, etc. To begin with, essay and term paper assignments at the level of high school or undergraduate studies are a preliminary stage of academic writing. At the graduate level, scientific essays and research papers form the main bulk of academic writing assignments.

  1. Higher level research and writing

At the post-graduate level or Ph.D., academic writing generally involves writing dissertation and thesis. In the case of higher level engineering or medical education, academic writing may also entail writing sample journal articles and research papers. This kind of writing often involves statistical analyses, legal notes, laboratory experiments, etc. General features of a piece of academic writing may involve different dimensions and morphologies. However, correct grammar and spelling, plagiarism free content, and in-depth research are a must.

  1. Problems with academic writing

Students face several general problems while handling academic writing assignments. First of all, students do not understand that implementing proper referencing styles and techniques helps avoid plagiarism.

Also, if formatting and citation requirements are not fulfilled properly, grades are drastically affected. Language and grammar are very important as well. Students must understand that spelling mistakes, grammar errors, and inappropriate punctuation can spoil their paper once and for all. Thus, students need a special guidance regarding the basics of academic writing.

  1. Common mistakes

As a successful university student, you may think that you have good language skills and classroom education is sufficient for developing theoretical knowledge on a topic. However, academic writing is much more than having theoretical knowledge.

While doing research, you may have to delve into scholarly or archival databases. If you are unable to understand which journal articles or books you should select, then your extended study and research skills remain poorer than required. You are not able to understand, but your grades continue to fall because of the lack of understanding of what is being expected by the examiners.

  1. The ways of improving writing quality

You should always work hard for improving your research skills. You should also develop a strong grip on formatting techniques and referencing styles. Classroom education is not enough. It is a good idea to seek help from professional academic writing services.

However, there are several educational assistance websites that may misguide you. You should always look for professionally qualified and friendly researchers who would happily help you at reasonable costs. In this way, you can sharpen your research and writing skills. Reputed academic writing websites may also help you with editing and proofreading your academic paper.

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