Best Part-Time Jobs You Can Do as a Student

Being a student is tough. Not only because of all the studying you have to do. College is when your parents can cut your budget with the full legal right, expecting you to earn yourself. Doing a part-time job is one of the most popular ways of making some extra cash. However, having a part-time job and liking it are two completely different things. Today, you are welcome to check the list of the most popular jobs preferred by students all over the world. Enjoy!

A worker at an animal shelter

Many animal shelters and zoos hire workers to spend time with animals, feed them and clean their cages. While the cleaning part can get a little too smelly sometimes, who wouldn’t want to spend time with pandas and other fluffy creatures, especially if you can get paid for doing it?

A worker at a gift-wrapping stand

If you can’t yet create beautiful things, why not wrap them? Workers at gift wrapping stands are usually paid by hour, yet they might have different workload depending on the season. If you want some peace and quiet, look for such positions in non-Christmas time or you might go crazy from all the wrappings you will have to do. On the other hand, Christmas is usually when extra workers are needed.

Attendant at a car wash. Hot season only

Not as enjoyable in winter, this job can become a lifesaver in the hot climate.  If you don’t mind getting soaking wet and being outside a lot, you can start looking right now. And you get to clean your own car for free.

A pet sitter

As pet owners tend to be even fussier about their beloved dogs and cats than parents about kids, they cannot bear leaving their pets alone when going out of town. That’s why pet sitters are constantly needed. You cannot plan your workload of course, but on the plus side, you still get to spend time with animals.

A tutor

Probably one of the most well paid and satisfying part time jobs, tutoring can easily become your lifesaver.  There are millions of kids who require help with homework, and their parents are ready to pay for it. Alternatively, you can teach your fellow students that lag behind in certain subjects.

A fitness instructor

Why not make money and get fit all at the same time? There are plenty of gyms and clubs ready to hire you part time after a short training session. To become a fitness instructor, you will need to know the basics of physiology and sports medicine, as well as be fit yourself.

Campus tour guide

You know your campus well, don’t you? Why not monetize your knowledge? By becoming a campus tour guide, you will be able to earn by giving short tours to potential students and their families.

Animator at kids parties

Okay, you really have to love kids to do this kind of job, but if you do love them, there is nothing like seeing little smiling faces peering at you dressed as a superman. And these activities are often rather well-paid.

Have another good part-time job in mind?  Don’t hesitate to share it with us – we’d love to hear your suggestions.

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